Quilts by Little Bunnies

ComQuilts by Little Bunnies Kids Wearing Soon! There will be limited numbers of quilts handmade by Little Bunnies Kids Wear. The baby or child’s name can be incorporated as part of the quilt design for what will be truly one of a kind creation. A fabric quilt label will be sewn to the back of the quilt recording the details of the recipient and the gifting family. This is an ideal gift for a child with an unusual name and a unique heirloom item. Also from time to time there will be handmade quilts available for purchase on the website. A fabric quilt label with your special message can be added to personalise these quilts. Delivery times will vary; depending on other existing orders on hand, but usually 2 week’s waiting time at the most. Please contact Little Bunnies Kids Wear to discuss further.creation